Can I use my teams' userid and password from previous year(s).
For security reasons, this is not possible. You have to register Your team again and will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Is it possible to register our team more than once?
No. A team and its name will be accepted only once. Duplicates will be removed within 24 hours.

Is there a 'hurry' to register?
No. You can register at Your own convenience from January 1st, 16:00 hrs CET till 28 February. Clubs can register a maximum of 25 judoka's. There is no initial limit on the total tournament participants.

I did not receive my confirmation e-mail after registering our team
Check once again Your inbox. Transmission of the confirmation e-mail might take some minutes. Check also Your mail-spam-box. Your spam filter might have moved our confirmation e-mail to this box.
Tip: If the latter is the case, please move the confirmation e-mail from the mail-spam-box to Your regular inbox. Failed to do so might cause future messages from us to go into Your spam-box as Your spamfilters might continue to block our e-mails.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if You continue to have registration problems.

How many judoka's can my team register?
Your team can register up to 25 judoka's. If there is a requirement for more judoka's (e.g. because You want to use our Tournament for National Selections), Please mail us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and state Your requirement.

What happens if I register more than 25 judoka's without approval?
Excess of registered judoka's will be added to our Reservelist.

Can I change judoka data after registration?
Yes, teams can change their data (add, change, delete) of registered judoka's till one week prior to the Tournament.

When are we informed regarding the exact allocated ammount of judoka's?
The tournament organization will decide the size of the tournament in the first two weeks of March.
Clubs will receive an e-mail stating the maximum allocated places n.l.t. March 16.

When do we need to pay our teams' Tournament fee?
Your tournament fee should be paid by May 12th on our account
Bank account no.: NL51 RABO 0132426447 BIC: RABONL2U
Bank details: RABO BANK VENRAY, Schouwburgplein 13, 5801 BV Venray, The Netherlands
Stating Your team registrationnumber; e.g.: 'JudoTournament Venray, team id: 123'
A preliminary bill is available (once logged in)  under [Club details]. It is also the place to look for Your team registrationnumber.

Can I migrate judoka's between Main and Reservelist?
Yes You can, as long as the transfer of judoka's does not exceed the maximum allocated places (initially 25 judoka's/team).

Is it possible to register a judoka to more than one category?
No, A judoka can be registered to one category only.

What happens to registered judoka's on the Reservelist?
In excess registered judoka's will be registered to the Reservelist. The tournament organization can allocate judka's from the Reservelist to the Mainlist as space become available. Involved Clubs/Teams will be informed by e-mail.

How to register 'wildcard' judoka's?
Wildcard judoka's are current national pricewinners (1,2 and 3rd places) or, category winners (1st only) during our previous tournament.
Wildcards can be claimed whilst registering the judoka's.
Wildcard places are provided on top of the teams' maximum (initially 25).
Whilst registering Your wildcard, You need to confirm the reason for the wildcard. Wildcard claims without proper motivation will be removed as such.

In doubt? Do contact us.

Check also our invitation before contacting us with Your queries.