Please find below the dynamic list of participants. Clubs/teams are able to ammend judoka data till May 24, 2019.
This list is subject to changes pending (inter)national judo authorizations and visa submission.
Categorization is based on club provided weight details of judoka's.

Reserve list grants
Involved Clubs/teams only, will receive specific information by e-mail pre to May 24 2019 if one or more of their Reservelist judoka's have been granted access to the Final List. 

Close of database
The database closes May 24 2019. Changes and/or transfers (from mainlist to reservelist and vice-versa) of judoka's is no longer possible after that date. Changes can only be implemented during the tournament at the weighing process at € 3 per change.

Note: Weighing timings are for planning purposes only and will become definite from May 24 onwards.