We envision a broad representation of available categories within our tournament. The tournament therefore is conducted on two days: Saturday for Juniors (up and including Under15) and Sunday for Seniors (from Under18 upwards). The categories mentioned below can participate in our tournament.
[Total] Reflects the current ammount of registered participants per category.


Cat. list

Tournament Category List
Cat.DescriptionGenderYear startYear endDayTotal
A1female under 10, -20kg.f20112012Sat.0
A2female under 10, -22kg.f20112012Sat.1
A3female under 10, -25kg.f20112012Sat.9
A4female under 10, -28kg.f20112012Sat.10
A5female under 10, -32kg.f20112012Sat.5
A6female under 10, -36kg.f20112012Sat.2
A7female under 10, -40kg.f20112012Sat.0
A8female under 10, +40kg.f20112012Sat.0
B1female under 12, -22kg.f20092010Sat.1
B2female under 12, -25kg.f20092010Sat.0
B3female under 12, -28kg.f20092010Sat.6
B4female under 12, -32kg.f20092010Sat.12
B5female under 12, -36kg.f20092010Sat.26
B6female under 12, -40kg.f20092010Sat.9
B7female under 12, -44kg.f20092010Sat.1
B8female under 12, -48kg.f20092010Sat.1
B9female under 12, +48kgf20092010Sat.1
C1female under 15, -32kg.f20062008Sat.8
C2female under 15, -36kg.f20062008Sat.25
C3female under 15, -40kg.f20062008Sat.16
C4female under 15, -44kg.f20062008Sat.37
C5female under 15, -48kg.f20062008Sat.24
C6female under 15, -52kg.f20062008Sat.31
C7female under 15, -57kg.f20062008Sat.18
C8female under 15, -63kg.f20062008Sat.12
C9female under 15, +63kg.f20062008Sat.8
D1male under 10, -21kg.m20112012Sat.1
D2male under 10, -24kg.m20112012Sat.5
D3male under 10, -27kg.m20112012Sat.21
D4male under 10, -30kg.m20112012Sat.8
D5male under 10, -34kg.m20112012Sat.4
D6male under 10, -38kg.m20112012Sat.2
D7male under 10, -42kg.m20112012Sat.1
D8male under 10, +42kg.m20112012Sat.0
E1male under 12, -24kg.m20092010Sat.0
E2male under 12, -27kg.m20092010Sat.14
E3male under 12, -30kg.m20092010Sat.27
E4male under 12, -34kg.m20092010Sat.36
E5male under 12, -38kg.m20092010Sat.23
E6male under 12, -42kg.m20092010Sat.13
E7male under 12, -46kg.m20092010Sat.4
E8male under 12, -50kgm20092010Sat.2
E9male under 12, +50kg.m20092010Sat.4
F1male under 15, -34kg.m20062008Sat.50
F2male under 15, -38kg.m20062008Sat.61
F3male under 15, -42kg.m20062008Sat.61
F4male under 15, -46kg.m20062008Sat.71
F5male under 15, -50kg.m20062008Sat.46
F6male under 15, -55kg.m20062008Sat.25
F7male under 15, -60kg.m20062008Sat.21
F8male under 15, -66kg.m20062008Sat.12
F9male under 15, +66kg.m20062008Sat.5
G1female under 18, -40kgf20032005Sun.5
G2female under 18, -44kg.f20032005Sun.18
G3female under 18, -48kg.f20032005Sun.17
G4female under 18, -52kg.f20032005Sun.30
G5female under 18, -57kg.f20032005Sun.34
G6female under 18, -63kg.f20032005Sun.31
G7female under 18, -70kg.f20032005Sun.21
G8female under 18, +70kg.f20032005Sun.9
H1female under 21, -44kg.f20002002Sun.0
H2female under 21, -48kg.f20002002Sun.5
H3female under 21, -52kg.f20002002Sun.11
H4female under 21, -57kg.f20002002Sun.13
H5female under 21, -63kg.f20002002Sun.18
H6female under 21, -70kgf20002002Sun.13
H7female under 21, -78kg.f20002002Sun.5
H8female under 21, +78kg.f20002002Sun.2
J1female seniors, -48kg.f 1999Sun.2
J2female seniors, -52kg.f 1999Sun.2
J3female seniors, -57kg.f 1999Sun.7
J4female seniors, -63kg.f 1999Sun.8
J5female seniors, -70kg.f 1999Sun.7
J6female seniors, -78kg.f 1999Sun.4
J7female seniors, +78kg.f 1999Sun.0
K1male under 18, -42kg.m20032005Sun.12
K10male under 18, +90kg.m20032005Sun.1
K2male under 18, -46kg.m20032005Sun.22
K3male under 18, -50kg.m20032005Sun.42
K4male under 18, -55kg.m20032005Sun.62
K5male under 18, -60kg.m20032005Sun.57
K6male under 18, -66kg.m20032005Sun.65
K7male under 18, -73kg.m20032005Sun.38
K8male under 18, -81kg.m20032005Sun.18
K9male under 18, -90kg.m20032005Sun.11
L1male under 21, -55kg.m20002002Sun.1
L2male under 21, -60kg.m20002002Sun.14
L3male under 21, -66kg.m20002002Sun.26
L4male under 21, -73kg.m20002002Sun.25
L5male under 21, -81kg.m20002002Sun.19
L6male under 21, -90kg.m20002002Sun.15
L7male under 21, -100kg.m20002002Sun.2
L8male under 21, +100kg.m20002002Sun.2
M1male seniors, -60kg.m 1999Sun.3
M2male seniors, -66kg.m 1999Sun.6
M3male seniors, -73kg.m 1999Sun.9
M4male seniors, -81kg.m 1999Sun.10
M5male seniors, -90kg.m 1999Sun.9
M6male seniors, -100kg.m 1999Sun.6
M7male seniors, +100kg.m 1999Sun.5
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